November Virtual Hunter Over-Fences Show

November 2020

How the Virtual Show Works:

Open to all hunter riders at the following heights: 18″, 2’, 2’3″, 2’6, 2’9″ and 3’. (See Rule 6. Fence Height 18”)

-To be judged riding over our predetermined hunter course that you will adjust to your chosen height

-A helper records your round on video

-Upload your video to YouTube making sure to mark it as UNLISTED. -Email the link to your YouTube video to It is important to review all Rules & How to Record Your Round

How to Record Your Round

Study and practice our course, choose your fence height (18″, 2’, 2’3″, 2’6″, 2’9″, and 3’) and set all fences to that height  (See Rules 6. Fence Height 18”) 

2. Videos MUST BE unedited from start to finish

3. Videos MUST BE filmed midway down the arena long side (MUST refer to Course Diagram for EXACT LOCATION of video helper) If possible, for best results, the camera should not be facing into the sun. An indoor or covered arena may be used if the lighting is good


5. START VIDEO – Prior to your opening circle, your video helper must FIRST show measuring the line length, measuring one jump height, and a panoramic view of the course. SECOND  hold up a cell phone displaying the date and time with you in the background, mounted on your horse. THIRD hold up a paper with Riders name, horse’s name, Course A or B, the line length (60ft or 72ft), and the fence height you will jump.

6. Rider will Proceed directly to the opening circle.

7. The sound must be turned on throughout the entire video. 

8. Horse & Rider MUST BE in the video frame at all times. 

9. No zooming in and out. (At a live horse show, the judge would not be able to zoom in and out.)

10. Coaching during the ride is not allowed.

11. If you are riding Course A & B, your videos MUST BE filmed and uploaded separately.

12. Name your video: Rider Name, Horse Name, Fence Height, Course A or B and Date. (ex: Jane Darling on Cowboy – 2’0 – Course A – 10/10/2020)

13. Upload your video to YouTube, (Make sure it is either UNLISTED or PUBLIC) and email the YouTube link to  (Include your name and horses name on email subject line)

14. Videos for the November show may be filmed at any time. 

15. Video is not permitted to be judged in more than one show. (See Refunds & Limitations)

16. Videos will be judged after the show’s end date. 

17. Videos Submitted that do not follow the video rules will be disqualified and your entry fee will not be returned.

Course A

Course B


  1. When entering the Maui Horse Show Association Virtual Hunter-Over Fences Show Entries and Videos MUST be submitted prior to the shows date.
  2. MHSA 2020 Waiver Form must be filled out prior to shows end date. It can be filled out online HERE. Please note: the updated waiver only needs to be submitted one time for 2020.
  3. 18” & 2’ No horse/rider combo cross entry.

4.   You must set our predetermined hunter course. 

5.    Include ground lines in front of every fence.

6.    18” Cross Rails Only, NO OXERS.

7.    Tack must be what is legal per USEF Hunter Rules. 

8.    You must wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet and appear in proper hunter-show attire; heeled boots and half-chaps are permitted. (Braiding is optional)

9.    Your horse’s legs must be bare (i.e. your horse must not be wearing any boots, polos, bell, etc.)

10.    Horses and riders are required to abide by standard equipment rules for hunters. 

11.  You acknowledge that by submitting your entry, you agree to abide by standard rules of fair play and for the welfare of the horse.

12. Violation of any of these rules may result in the refusal to accept the entry or non-refundable scratch.

MHSA 2020 Rule Book >>>


All riders will be judged on horse’s manners, performance, suitability and soundness. To take into consideration the different fence heights, you will be evaluated on the judge’s interpretation of the ideal for your chosen fence height (18″, 2’, 2′ 3”, 2’ 6“, 2’ 9″ and 3′). The judge will determine which riders come closest to those ideals collectively and will place riders in 1st–6th place for each class.

Judging Rules:

1. The Judge will make every effort to judge this class fairly with the knowledge that there are inherent challenges to judging online shows that make it different from the real-life experience.

2. If the judge determines that the horse appears lame, the judge has the right to eliminate the rider from consideration.



Class Results:

Class results will be posted on MHSA webpage and the first 6 place finishers will be notified by email. Your video will not be posted publicly. Video entries will be made available to all riders that entered the show via a privately shared document. Judges notes will privately be made available to each individual rider, they will be emailed after class results have been posted.

Show Manager

Lehua Gardanier

Please contact the show manager if you need clarification about the rules for this show. Lehua prefers to be contacted directly by text message at (808)-281-3290.


-Prizes will be awarded for 1st through 6th place for each division. 

-This event is part of a schooling show series with year end award points. There will be accumulated points for riders that participate in at least two of these shows that will result in year end awards for Champion and Reserve Champion in each division.

Refunds & Limitations

– Once the entry form has been filled out and submitted, purchases are non refundable.

– If the rider/trainer notices the horse is off or lame PRIOR to submitting the video and an alternative horse is not available for you to complete your entry a refund may be given. The rider MUST contact BEFORE the last day of the competition to inquire about receiving a refund. The horse’s welfare and health must be the first priority.

  • Same ride can not be submitted twice to If we detect that a ride was used in a previous event or coaching, your video will be disqualified from the show and no refund will be given.
  • All rides are schooling shows unless otherwise specifically noted.

–  These shows are not a USEF Sanctioned event. The scores may not be used for points, medals, team rankings or championships within USEF.

General Information:

-Entries and video submissions must be received by November 30, 2020

-Entry fee is $25.00 for course A, and an additional Entry fee of $20.00 for course B

-Non MHSA Members must pay a $25.00 non-member fee per virtual horse show.

-Become an MHSA Member! Membership fees are discounted


Riding horses is a dangerous and subjective sport that can cause critical bodily injury and even death. User’s of this online service acknowledge this risk and shall hold harmless: Maui Horse Show Association, Inc. from any injuries or losses resulting from participating in the events and services on this site. Persons under the age of 18, need to gain parental or guardian approval PRIOR entering any show. MHSA 2020 Waiver Form can be filled out online HERE.

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